The problem of e-waste has been growing all over the world. It is important to participate in the electronics recycling programs to save the environment. Computers like desktop computers, laptops and tablets form a big part of this electronic waste. There are many advantages of computer recycling.

Reduce the Waste Going into the Landfill

With proper recycling of a computer, many types of electronic components used in it are recycled and not dumped in the landfills. It helps reduce the overall electronic waste going into the landfills. There are many parts and components that can be recovered from a discarded computer. The recovered components and materials can be reused to make new products. It helps avoid dumping of parts and materials that can be reused.

Reduce the Toxic Materials Entering the Environment

Computer parts are made with some of the most toxic materials. When a computer is dumped in the landfill, the natural waste process of the landfill causes these components to degrade and release their toxic substances into the surrounding environment. Some of these toxic materials leach into the groundwater and spread far and wide. Computers not recycled at the waste generating countries are generally transported and sent to the poor and developing countries where environmental regulations are lax or not implemented properly. Poor people in these countries involved in recovering usable materials from the electronic wastes simply burn all such wastes to recover as much metals as possible. This burning releases toxic fumes in the air. Other burned parts are left on the ground or dumped in the landfills, affecting both surface and ground water. This inefficient waste disposal process results in the generation of large amounts of pollutants that affect the local environment for years.

Reduce Pollution Involved in Making New Products

Every new product generates different types of pollutants at different stages of its journey. It generates pollution from the time the materials needed to make it are mined in the mines to the time when its packaging is discarded by the buyer into the landfill. Lots of transportation is involved in moving a manufactured product from one place to another. The pollution and waste generation involved in manufacturing new products can be reduced substantially if people use recycled products as much as possible. Recycling gives a new life to an old item and reduces the need to buy the same item.

It Saves Money

Recycling helps recover a wide range of materials from the discarded computer. These materials can be reused to make new products. It provides the recycler a good return on the investment in the recycling setup. It reduces the need to import those materials.

It Creates Jobs

Recycling a computer generates jobs at each stage of the recycling process. People are needed to collect the recycling materials. Employees are employed by the recycling company, transporters and new product makers.

At most places, it is illegal to throw the electronic waste like a computer with the general waste. Many computer making companies now offer recycling programs whereas they accept computers of their brands for recycling. It is an excellent way to discard the computer properly and save the environment.